‘I command you, then, not to flow over my land, nor presume to wet the feet and the robe of your lord’ The chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon 1853

Canute is a collaboration between electronic drum set and live code, trying to touch the abstract. Canute approach a drum set as a generator of symbols, analysed into patterns and transformed into live, fully improvised, algorithmic  drill ‘n bass.


12th Oct 2018 <Algorave Hackney, A Glove That Fits
9th July 2017 Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank
3rd June 2017 Archspace Algorave, London
18th November 2016 AlgoMech Algorave, Sheffield
14th July 2016 EulerRoom, London
6th May 2016 Algorave@Rave, London
18th September 2015 Incubate festival, Tilburg
15th July 2015 ICLC Algorave, Wharf Chambers, Leeds
20th Mar 2015 Computer Club Algorave, Access Space, Sheffield
17th Jan 2015 Karlsruhe Algorave
13th November 2014 Camp and Furnace, Liverpool for FACT/typemotion algoafterparty
26th Sep 2014 Network Music Festival, Birmingham UK
3rd Jul 2014 BEAM@NIME Algorave, Corsica Studios, London UK
22nd Mar 2014 FIBER/STEIM Algorave, OSCII, Amsterdam NL
12th Mar 2014 IFAI, Leeds College of Music UK